Common Foot Problems (Infographic)

Not a lot of people know, or even think about this, but foot problem can actually affect your entire body! Think of feet as the foundation of your body – if the foundation is not solid, the house might collapse.

Despite their small size, they carry a huge load, day in and day out. It is estimated that people spend in excess of 10 hours per day on their feet… So, it is not surprising to know that around 75% of adult population today has some sort of problem related to their feet.

And, rather than writing about these problems and conditions, I`ve decided to share with you an infographic with a short list of the most common foot problems! Infographic is nothing more than a fun, visual representation of otherwise boring or tedious facts…

So here goes:

Common Foot Problems & What to do About Them Infographic

Created by Dr. Comfort.


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